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Welcome to Hilltop Auto - Your professional provider of classic Jaguars and hard to find Jaguar parts

Hilltop Auto was founded on 2008. It came from our deep passion for collecting Jaguar cars and personally working on them. With every classic Jaguar we keep in our collection and with every restoration project we accomplish, our sense of pride deepens. After establishing our business, The endeavor to become a licensed dealer took almost a year and once approved it greatly improved our sales.
Here at Hilltop Auto, we're more than passionate in satisfying the needs and wants of our clients. We only sell the most desirable Jaguars in our repertoire, and we have an inventory of some hard to find parts which are always in demand. Some of the parts that we currently offer are XK120 engines, E-type engines, vintage XK150S engines, XK140 parts, rear ends, gearboxes and more . Simply check out our gallery to see. Our gallery is always updated whenever we have new interesting parts available. Feel free to contact us with any special requests.

We always in the market for vintage Jaguars throughout the United States and Canada. Turn in that broken or rusty classic Jaguar you have in your barn, garage or sitting in your field or garden into cash . We are offering some of the best prices on select vintage jaguar models. If you happen to know someone who has a working/non-working classic Jaguar let us know, we will give you a hefty finder’s fee on any car purchased from a referral.
Do you want to get the best Jaguar car that you've been dreaming of? How about a restoration project for your own, soon to be high-value Jaguar? Well, contact Hilltop Auto today and let's talk!

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